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We also boast about our 2019 Deficiency Free Federal annual inspection. Less than three percent of senior living facilities nationwide receive a deficiency free survey. Read more

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After a hospital stay or illness, patients and caregivers can feel overwhelmed. Among other things patients and caregivers should be asking themselves one more important question, could this situation be the result of their medications? Read more

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A SmartCare Community is a new innovative system that empowers residents with technology to improve their experience. A SmartCare Community, implemented by Signature HealthCARE, is a plethora of different technologies Read more

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Your care doesn’t end after you leave our hospital. Hospitals are always available to answer questions once you are back in your own home. Before leaving the hospital be sure to take down department name and numbers where you received care. Read more

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Whether you receive benefits through Medicare or a private insurance company it is important to know what care you are eligible to receive. It is also important to know what this care will cost you. Read more

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